Best Photographers in Houston for Personal Branding & Headshots of Men

Having great personal branding photos and corporate headshots for men are vital to promoting their brand or business. It is then essential to choose the best photographers to capture these photos.

Here are some Branding Photo Ideas for Men in Houston 

Bring your favorite hat or fedora 

This fun session with Derrick Johnson in Houston has excellent results with the help of some useful props. One of which is the use of a hat or a fedora. There are a few things to remember in using hats or fedoras:

  • Just like any other clothing or accessory, a hat is something that could make or break your personal branding and headshot photoshoot. Hats and fedoras play a vital role in every men photoshoot. Have them prepared beforehand, and make sure they complement the rest of your outfit.
  • Using hats and fedoras in your branding photoshoot can be a bit challenging. It will help if you observe proper lighting. As much as possible, your face should still be visible and well lit.
  • Hats and fedoras may help in your men branding photoshoot, but they are not for everyone. If you are not comfortable wearing one, don’t bring one! There are still other things you can use to spice up your branding photoshoot. Make sure they will help bring out the best in you!
Best Photographers in Houston for Personal Branding & Headshots of Men

Include your briefcase or work bag 

Depending on what you do, a briefcase and a work bag may make a tremendous difference in your personal branding and headshot photoshoot. Here are a few things to remember when using a suitcase or a work bag:

  • It should help you communicate your brand image or the work you do. In other words, it should have a context or message why it’s there.
  • Don’t make the bag the focal point of your shoot. It’s only meant to help you impart your brand image, not steal the spotlight from you!
  • It should be highly related to what you do. For example, if you’re a traveler, including a backpack in your photoshoot would make sense.

Bring jackets and blazers for additional looks 

In every man’s personal branding and headshot photoshoot, jackets and blazers play a significant role. As casual as using a coat or as professional as using a blazer, here are some tips you should remember:

  • Make sure that your blazer or jacket fits perfectly with your body size. Oversized clothes would look too baggy and big. Whereas too fit and small clothes will be uncomfortable. Choose jackets and blazers with an excellent and perfect fit for you.
  • Have your jacket and blazers well pressed to look more presentable and neat.
  • Choose the right color combinations for your personal branding and headshot photoshoot. Wearing your brand colors will be a great idea.
Best Photographers in Houston for Personal Branding & Headshots of Men

Choosing what to wear can be the most challenging part of a photoshoot. It’s good to keep in mind that you should wear not only what looks good but also what feels good!

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I hope these branding photo ideas for men in Houston helped you decide what to wear in your shoot.

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Tomayia Colvin Photography

Tomayia Colvin is an award-winning and nationally published high school senior photographer that resides in Humble, Texas. As a parent to a handsome little guy and a high school senior photographer for guys in Houston, she knows how to bring out the best in guys or men in their personal branding or headshot photoshoot.

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