What is Personal Branding Photography?

Personal branding is an increasingly important part of a company’s marketing strategy, and personal branding photography in Houston has become the new standard for online representation.

It is no longer enough to have a logo or a basic headshot. Houston Personal branding photography provides the opportunity to showcase your professional expertise while highlighting your personality in a way that will connect with potential clients and customers on a deeper level.

In this blog post, we’ll explore what personal branding photography in Houston, The Woodlands, EADO, and The Houston Heights entails and how it can help you get ahead of other businesses in your industry.

1. What is personal branding photography?

Personal Branding Photography is just one way small businesses and solopreneurs are using marketing to get their name out there. It’s all about marketing yourself, whether it be online or off. What better marketing tool than a simple headshot or showcasing your personality through lifestyle branding images that you can use on your website?

2. Why do you need professional headshots?

Professionalism – Professional headshots show that you mean business and you want to be taken seriously.

Highlights who you are – Headshots that are of quality tend to highlight a person’s identity. It gives your client an idea of who you are and what your personality is. Remember, first impressions last!

Makes you stand out! – Headshots are like a person’s introduction. Having a professional one, makes you stand out! It catches your potential client’s interest and makes them take a second look at your profile.

Be memorable – Having quality headshots in Houston makes someone remember you and hopefully connect with you. It’s basically putting a face to your name and helps you land opportunities with them in the future.

3. How to pick the right photographer for you?

Here are some tips you might want to consider:


Understanding that photographers have different styles can help you a lot in choosing your photographer. Make sure their style matches yours. You want to work with a person with who you feel comfortable and get along. This would mean narrowing down your search to photographers who shoot with the style you want. Do your research by visiting their websites and/or social media pages. You might also want to check reviews about them to have an insight into the creative process.


Know what you can afford, but don’t let price be your primary factor. Photographers charge based on how experienced they are and what is required for them to continue their business. Make sure that you both agree with the price and that there are no hidden charges.


The images they take will tell you the quality of their product. See some examples of their products and know what’s included in your package before booking. Find a photographer whose images impress you and can make you feel satisfied.


Hire someone who has an established track record. You might want to check on their credentials and experiences. Photographers have different specialties. Find a photographer who specializes in the kind of photos you want.

Invest in a photographer that invests in you too!

Nadia of the Flower Snob and Studio 82 Events chose to incorporate a lavish headpiece for her Houston Florist headshots and personal branding photoshoots. By adding a pop of color with her dress and bringing props like flowers and her laptop, together we were able to update her marketing images and online presence for her potential wedding and creative design clients.

If you need suggestions on what to wear, check out our “What to Wear to Your Personal Branding Photo Session” here.

Whether you’re looking to update your company website, create a new look for your business cards, or simply need professional marketing images to improve the look of your social media pages, we can help. We offer packages designed with every size business in mind and our team will work closely with you to provide high-quality photography that is tailored to best serve your specific needs. Are you ready for some fresh marketing photos?

Contact us today!

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