How Much Does a Branding and Marketing Photo Session Cost

People hire professional photographers for their business headshots for a reason. Personal branding photography plays a huge role in selling your business, products, and services. In branding and marketing your business, you want to put your best foot forward and visual assets, such as photography. So how much does it cost? There is no standardized way of pricing photography services. It varies wildly.

How Much Does A Branding & Marketing Photo Session Cost in Downtown Houston, EADO, The Heights

How Much Does a Branding and Marketing Photo Session Cost

There are a lot of factors to be considered when talking about the cost of branding and marketing photography. Factors like the photographer’s skill level, how many photos you need, what you need them for, preparation, licensing, and post-shoot work the photographer will be doing.

The cost of marketing and branding photo projects differs per person. A project may vary from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand or more depending on if the photos will be used on a website versus being used on the cover of Essence, Ebony, or Forbes magazine.

How Much Does a Branding and Marketing Photo Session Cost

Internal Cost:


The most important factor. When compared to films, photographers are like directors. They are in charge of how fantastic the project can be. Photographers know that branding and marketing photography is a lot more than just mere photos. We should be aware of the different strategies to be used and trends in the market. Our job is to make it easier for you to reach your ideal clients.

Our main goal is to make your brand well represented and convince your clients to do business with you. So yes, it’s more than just simply clicking the camera. It’s also about emotions, storytelling, and the different technical aspects of photography. Photographers are trained to have that imaginative perspective and creative way of capturing photos.

How Much Does a Branding and Marketing Photo Session Cost

Photographers’ work is not limited to just taking photos. We have to know our subject’s background for them to understand what artistic or creative approach we will be using. It requires a lot of preparation. The work also doesn’t end right after the shoot. Photographers will have after-shoot work like enhancing and editing photos.

Editing photos – Not all photographers are fond of editing photos. But some find it very helpful. Editing includes an adjustment to sharpness, tone, color, contrast, brightness, size, and so on. You can always tell your photographer your preference and the purpose of the photos.

How Much Does a Branding and Marketing Photo Session Cost

External Costs:

OUTFITS ($300)

Most of the time, a branding and marketing photo session would require you to bring your own outfit. What you wear is a reflection of your brand, and only you know your brand well. So it only makes sense that you will be the one bringing your clothes. It would then be another cost you should consider. I suggest you invest in your outfits as well, as this will help you a lot in putting your name out there. When you’re not sure about what to wear, it’s always good to communicate with your photographer.

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Lastly, your hair and makeup artist, are key to polished images and business photos. The decision to have your hair and make-up professionally applied is a personal choice for everyone. A little goes a long way.

(Conclusion) The investment of having images that tell the story of your business are priceless.