Downtown Houston Senior Photos

Cool Ways of Taking Senior Photos for Guys who are into Sports like Basketball

We all want to look our best and show our best personalities when we have our senior photo shoot. So here are some cool ways of taking senior photos who are into sports like basketball.

Capture their personality!

We all have different personalities. Highlight who they are and help them achieve the pose they are aiming for. Allow the image to tell its own individual story. This is a big part of what makes an image stand out. One thing you can do to achieve this is by knowing your subject. If your subject is a stranger, spend some time with them before the photoshoot and take note of their personality.

Downtown Houston Senior Photos

Find somewhere they can sit, lean, or stand on.

The goal is to help them relax so you can get photos that look natural. Finding something they can sit, lean, or stand on helps. We all feel comfortable whenever we have something to sit or lean on. This would prevent your subject from looking stiff and tense. When standing, make sure they are right on the spot! Correct posture also makes a photo more attractive. Help your subject prevent slouching, curving their back, or hunching their shoulders.

Movement helps.

Giving their hands or face roles can give movement to photos that make them more lively and fun! People often move their hands while doing something like when walking, sometimes without even realizing what they are doing. This is an interesting moment to take the shot. It’s a good idea to pay attention to the hands when photographing people. The face also is a great way to show movement and emotions. By looking at someone’s face, you can have an idea of that person’s personality. Make sure the subject’s face shows some movement or emotions so it won’t be that plain to look at.

Important Tip:

Make sure they’re comfortable so they can be themselves!

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