Houston Indoor Studio Headshots

Headshot Ideas for Houston Chefs.

Chef Casi is one of Houston’s leading celebrity chefs, so it was only right that we made sure her new Houston chef headshots and photos showcased her fun personality.

Headshots normally focus on the subject’s face, typically from the subject’s head to shoulders. They are usually for business purposes but are not limited to it. Everyone can have a simple headshot or go all out like Chef Casi did in her Houston Heights branding photos.

Let’s take a look at how Chef Cassi’s headshots will wow her new clients and some tips on how to have a great photo session if you’re a chef, too!

Houston Indoor Studio Headshots

Be prepared with your ingredients or a fabulous outfit! Need ideas? Check out London’s Houston fitness and wellness inspired headshot photo shoot.

Cassi’s fun personality is highlighted with the help of her fabulous outfits. She brought two outfits that made her feel confident and feel at her best. To have more ideas about headshots for chefs, you can check out London’s website linked above.

Wear a chef’s apron or your favorite chef’s coat

It’s essential to feel comfortable with what you are wearing while showcasing your brand image. An apron or a chef’s coat would immediately show your profession or what your business is. Bring your favorite ones so you’ll have that extra luck to rely on.

Use props for an added touch – if you are cooking, use a spatula or pan, if you are baking, use flour on the hands and countertop

Just like aprons or coats, other props add character to your photo and makes it more appealing and catchy to your possible future clients. It’s not something you must be stressed about. It is optional, but having it would considerably affect the result of your photo sessions.

Houston Indoor Studio Headshots

Smile! You’ll feel better about yourself afterwards 🙂

“Smile is the best outfit that one can wear.”

– Garima.

It completes your outfit! One big genuine smile can change the tone from boring to fun in an instant! Your smile can reflect your mood and will make your photos a lot better. Make sure not to overdo it as it may seem awkward and unnatural.

Explore and be creative!

Don’t forget to be creative in taking the photos! Check out Chef Cassi’s photos! She served two outfits and different poses in her shoot. Headshots don’t necessarily have to be serious. You can also show your silly face!

Meet Chef Cassi

“Her love for cooking is ultimately inspired by Gracie Faust, her grandmother. Although Gracie passed away just short of Cassi’s arrival into the world, the legacy she left behind lived on through Chef Cassi’s dad and now continues to flourish through her.”

“Eat with your eyes, first…” – A quote from Chef Cassi‘s webpage shows her love for the presentation of the food she serves.

I hope these headshot ideas helped you. Want more? Here are more photography tips!

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