Houston Fitness & Wellness Branding Photos

What to Bring for Fitness and Wellness Personal Branding Photos in Houston

Having great images for fitness coaches, chefs, and wellness experts is extremely important for marketing and branding. Fitness Branding Photos require some light exercise equipment and sportswear during a photoshoot. London chose to incorporate fresh vegetables and prepare a healthy meal for her Houston meal prep and recipe guide. If you’re a Houston Fitness professional and are looking to take professional headshots, here are some things you need to bring for fitness inspired personal branding photos:

1. Bring fresh fruits, vegetables, and gadgets that represent your business.

The use of props adds character, drama, interest to your photo and highlights what your business represents. Since London’s business is about staying healthy, fruits, vegetables, workout tools, and other gadgets to monitor one’s health are a must! Make sure the use of these props is maximized and are shown in each photo.

2. Bring outfits that showcase your business and variety.

A photoshoot needs at least four or five different outfits. Having different outfits gives us other options to capture additional images in each outfit. The four or five outfits give you a chance to have different looks. Check out how London posed in her four outfits!

3. Be open to being photographed indoors and outdoors.

Indoor locations are comfortable and convenient. But you should also be open to outdoor photography. Outdoor photography means unlimited background options and helps you create an atmosphere or theme for your photos. Shooting outdoors is almost always the top choice because of good natural lighting. Look how outdoor lighting made London’s photos great!

Houston Fitness & Wellness Branding Photos

Meet London Spivey

She is the author and creator of Fit in 40 Days. On her channel, she shares recipes, educational videos, tips, strategies, and ANYTHING else she can… to help you take control of your health.

Fit In 40 Days is a nutrition daily devotional. For 40 days, you are guided on how to eat every single day as well as educated on why you’re eating that way. You’re also given biblical scripture to go with every single day to motivate you and feed your spirit. The program is divided into three phases with rules and stipulations for each step to maximize your results. It helps you balance your mind, body, and spirit so that you can be healthy overall.

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