How to Take The Perfect LinkedIn Photos

How can one take the perfect LinkedIn photo? Based on research, a picture makes your online presence 14 times more likely to be viewed by your target audience. How much more if you pick the best one? As one may know, LinkedIn is a digital network for professionals and the go-to social network for businesses. So taking your LinkedIn photos is crucial. Don’t worry because we have got you covered!

Taking The Perfect LinkedIn Photos for Your Profile


You want to showcase the best in you, so hire someone who has an established track record. You might want to check on their credentials and experiences. Photographers have different specialties. Find a photographer who specializes in the kind of photos you want. The outcome of your photos would depend on how well your photographer understands what you’re going for. They will be in charge of the preparation and after-shoot work like editing. Choosing the right photographer would help you make a great impression.


Your face should at least fill the frame. A headshot focuses on your face, typically from the head to the shoulders. Make sure it occupies 60% of the photo. You want to be seen by people interested in you so show them your best face. Make sure they’ll be able to recognize you.


Make sure that you are well represented in your photos. After all, your LinkedIn can help convey your personal brand. So it’s important that people can already have an idea about who you are and what you do through your pictures. Don’t forget to dress professionally and accordingly. You should be dressed based on what you do or your field of work.

How to Take The Perfect LinkedIn Photos


Smiling makes you look more approachable. Don’t forget to smile with your eyes to make it look more genuine. Work with your photographer to achieve a candid photo of you smiling. It will help you look warm and encourage your audience to connect with you.


LinkedIn profiles should always be updated. Your appearance a year ago is different from what you look like now! Your photo should give your audience an idea of what you look like in person right now, or at least for the past few months. It’s good to enhance your photos with the help of technology but don’t use it to deceive people. Make it as realistic as possible.

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Your LinkedIn photos can either make or break you. So it’s essential that you invest in it, and you’ll absolutely engage more prospects with your personal brand. What are your thoughts? Let us know below.