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Men must have excellent personal branding images and corporate headshots in order to promote their brand or business. The best photographers to capture these photos must then be chosen. Dr. Tomayia Colvin is the best Houston Black headshot photographer for professional, business, personal branding, and corporate headshots of Houston business owners and corporate executives.

Are you ready to level up your Business & Corporate Headshots? Don’t worry we got you covered!

Houston Black Headshot Photographer

Here are 3 Tips for Black Men to Look Great in Business & Corporate Headshots.

Grooming makes a big difference

A new haircut always looks great on everyone, especially for men. If you haven’t shaved in a while, make sure to shave a day before your photoshoot. It’s also essential to get enough sleep and drink plenty of water to prepare for your photo session. 

Getting a Professional Hair and Makeup Artist is highly recommended if you absolutely want to look your best. This will help a lot for your preparation but if you can do it on your own and you are confident with your look, then there’s no need for one.

Houston Black Headshot Photographer

Consider your profession when selecting a style

When it comes to selecting a style, choose tailored, well-fitting clothes that are appropriate for your profession and something that you’ll feel at ease and confident about. Consider the texture of any items that will be worn beneath your shirt while making your selection. This will help you feel comfortable during your photo session.

Some professions need a higher level of formality than others. In headshots for some professions, you’ll virtually always see them dressed in business professional clothes, like for example entrepreneurs. But people in other fields don’t require such formalities. They might wear cardigans instead of jackets or show up to a photograph wearing their favorite hat.

Clothes to bring

The most difficult aspect of a photo shoot is deciding what to wear. It’s important to remember that everything you wear should not only look well, but also feel good!

Choose a darker shade, such as gray or turquoise blue, for your favorite suit. Vivid designs and colors, along with dazzling ties, draw attention away from the subject and can make you appear unprofessional. If you don’t want to wear a tie, add a cardigan, jacket, or other garment to break up the look.

Bring blazers and coats for a more formal look. Coats and blazers play an important role in every man’s business and headshot photo shoot. Here are some pointers to keep in mind when wearing a blazer/coat, whether it’s casual or formal:

  • Make sure your blazer is the right size for your body. Oversized clothing would appear to be too saggy and large. Clothing that is either tight or too tiny will be uncomfortable. Choose blazers that are well-fitting and comfortable.
  • To look more presentable and neat, have your blazers ironed.
  • For your business and headshot session, choose the proper color combinations. Wearing your company’s colors is a good idea.

Bring three or four different outfits to the shoot. It allows you to have options and also for you to have more looks to choose from. Again, incorporating your business colors can make it more you!

Things to remember when accessorizing:

‘Less is more.’ It’s always better to keep things simple. It’s a plus to wear watches that compliments your outfit. If you are wearing glasses on a regular basis at work then you should likewise wear them in your business and headshot photo session to keep the picture authentic and current. Make sure to clean it well before wearing it.

So, we’re sure you understand how critical it is for someone to have a great business headshot. It sets the standard, creates the right image, and allows clients to see you before they meet you if you own your own business. 

We hope that these tips have assisted you in getting ready for your business and corporate photo session. The most crucial thing you can give to your session is a pleasant attitude, which looks fantastic on everyone!

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