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Hello, I'm Tomayia Colvin, a Houston high school senior and personal branding photographer based in the great state of Texas. I love Dr. Pepper and helping other photographers live out their wildest dreams! Feel free to kick your feet up and welcome to the blog! 

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Who doesn’t love the holidays? We all love it. It’s the most delightful time of the year! We understand that things are not yet back to the way they used to and that this year’s celebration will still be different than the pre-pandemic times. As we continue to embrace the use of face masks and […]

2021 Houston Family Christmas Mini Sessions and Holiday Outfit Ideas

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2021 Fall Personal Branding Mini Session Outfit Ideas in Houston Goodbye summer, hello fall! You probably love fall as much as I do and looking for some outfit ideas in Houston to choose from. Finally, you’ll be able to change outfits from your summer ones and layer up for some texture and color this fall. […]

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The perfect time to take branding and marketing photos is when you have a clear understanding of your vision, mission, and goals. You should use brand and marketing photography not just to showcase your brand image, but also to deliver your core message. Your branding and marketing image should have a direct reflection of your […]

When Should You Take Branding and Marketing Photos

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How can one take the perfect LinkedIn photo? Based on research, a picture makes your online presence 14 times more likely to be viewed by your target audience. How much more if you pick the best one? As one may know, LinkedIn is a digital network for professionals and the go-to social network for businesses. […]

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