Hotel Zaza Wedding Groom Inspiration

Happy June! I’m super excited to honor Father’s the entire month and highlight the dapper TCP Grooms. First up, is H & Tymesha’s Beautiful Hotel Zaza Wedding Groom Inspiration! You may remember their wedding featured on Essence last year and H being crowned “Groom Moment of the Year” by Essence Magazine in 2015.

We asked H to answer a few questions about being a groom and how he knew his wife Tymesha “was the one” and what awesome ways he celebrated with the guys on his wedding day!

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Hotel Zaza Wedding Groom Inspiration 4

When did you know she was ‘The One’?  My heart was healed after the loss of my mother by the gentle spirit of “Etta” Bell.  Our initial introduction a decade ago resembled common college love stories of boy meets girl, but turned out to be nothing short of a fairy tale best seller.  I knew I’d found someone special when I recited poetry to her until the crack of dawn.  She accepted me for who I was and grew with me to be who I am today and God willing, will grow with me to the man I’ll become.  I am humbled to call her my future wife but more so my soulmate.

Hotel Zaza Wedding Groom Inspiration

What do you love most about her?  

Etta has a gentle spirit that’s nurturing and allows me to be the man that I am while growing into the man that God has destined for me to become.  I am confident in her.  She is patient, offers faithful instruction and has a heart that wants to save the world.  Her worth has consistently proven priceless….a virtuous woman. I consider her a woman of God after God’s own heart.  

Hotel Zaza Wedding Groom Inspiration

Did you think you’d find true love how and when you did?  I knew she possessed all the qualities I would want in a wife, so I treaded lightly to ensure I made no mistakes.  I wanted to date her long before I reached out and once we started dating, I loved her long before I told her.  I knew this was my wife.

Hotel Zaza Wedding Groom Inspiration

How did you feel looking into her eyes at the altar? Although I knew this was the day and I was marrying the woman I had longed for….It was surreal….It was an amazingly emotional feeling throughout my body.  I just kept staring  at her and when I thought I’d lost it…..she held my hand a little tighter and I was okay.

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How did it feel to be a groom? Was it all your dreamed it would be? 

It felt amazing; the entire experience was surreal for me.  To have my closet family and friends witness me marry the woman of my heart was priceless.  After all was said and done we partied with the best of them!  Definitely, the first dance with my daughter Sophie was a dream come true.  

Hotel Zaza Wedding Groom Inspiration

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How would you describe your wedding cake?

The Grooms cake was an all chocolate cake, chocolate icing with a wooden box of milk chocolate handmade cigars.

Made by Susie’s Cakes Houston,

Hotel Zaza Wedding Groom Inspiration

Who designed the groom’s and groomsman attire? I specifically wanted the classic black and white tux for us.

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Did you give your groomsmen gifts? 

Groomsmen were surprised with thank you gifts of vintage cigar boxes, with mini bottles their favorite alcoholic beverage, cigars, matches and a cigar cutter on the day of the wedding.

Hotel Zaza Wedding Groom Inspiration

Thank you for viewing H & Tymesha’s Romantic Hotel Zaza Wedding Groom Inspiration! 

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