TCP Goes to Creative Live!

Once upon a time there was a girl that dreamed of being selected to be in the audience of Creative Live. She submitted countless submission videos to the point where her kids were like “mommy, you want us to video another one of you?” Until one day she created one more and prayed to the universe to grant her her one wish Tomayia Colvin Creative Live Video! And guess what, the Creative Live Submission God’s heard her prayer! And she was on her way to meet and learn from Leslie Kerrigan of Leslie Kerrigan Photography and the founder of Senioroglie! A total dream come true!

I arrived at Sea-Tac at around midnight and took a cab over the hotel!


And finally I was there! Meeting Leslie! Two southern girls in the Pacific Northwest!


Our first day in the studio audience was EPIC! My brain was on overload from taking notes and hanging out with these cuties!





Day two we were back up early to learn more about senior photography!




Day three I made me nervous because I had to actually have my work critiqued ON AIR during the preshow by Leslie! I submitted the following image of my Senior Model Jamal.


We got a chance to sit down with the the crew for the Wrap Party at the end of day three!





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