Black Photographers and the Images of Black and Brown Skin

The racial climate of our current times are “blatant”, “uncomfortable” and in many cases “violent”, to say the least. Black and brown skin are more synonymous with negativity. To combat that thought process when viewing visual art experiences, some black photographers have a drive and skill to bring out the beauty in populations of underserved and underrepresented people of color that society deem negative or unappealing. Black art has minimal opportunities to be appreciated, so with our talent, black photographers have a way to open the door to presenting black beauty in its very essence.

Healing and Restoration

As black photographers continue their missions and business choosing images to photograph, they look for opportunities to take photos that represent the beauty of black people. For centuries, black skin has had a negative connotation. It has since then, and still is, a representation of being unworthy. Black photographers are choosing photos that symbolizes healing, such as black men and women or even children connecting with each other or in single shots that portray imagery of calm and acceptance of self.

Symbolism in Your Images of Black and Brown Skin

The images of black individuals and families are the focus of beauty for photographers who choose this population as clients. When creating the images there are intentions to bring to the forefront the beauty of brown and darker skin. Focusing on those in the picture as individuals, close ups on the skin, their features and style, whether shorts and a tee or runway-ready, gives the image much more depth than just another photo to post.

The Essence of the Beauty of Black and Brown Skin

As a black photographer, we have a deeper connection with the images that the world should see when it pertains to black and brown skin. The images society is mostly used to is brown and black people in conflict, disheveled, being hurt, and in several cases, being killed. Black photographers who understand the significance of taking a picture of black and brown people, for example, who are in the midst of a movement, on the brink of a revolution or even in the silence of their accomplishments or aha moment can use their platform as an artist to focus on the black truth that the world seems to overlook.

We, at Tomayia Colvin Photography, are experienced and intentional when photographing clients with black and brown skin. We understand and pride ourselves in taking and editing images that bring out the beauty and the story behind each pose, each expression, each moment in each photo. If you are in the Houston area, we would love to capture you. Allow us to bring your truth to film and the digital world. We are ready to schedule your next photo session. Contact us today!

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