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As a high school portrait photographer and middle school English teacher, I’m immersed in the latest fads, dance crazes, and the social media of today’s teen. One day, it’s Vine, the next it’s video on Instagram, or the latest post from the group sensation, One Direction! They’re interested in being the trendsetter and knowing who in their class has the latest crush. Sometimes, however, performing well in school or having high self-esteem is not the “in thing” and is usually left out of their conversations.

My vision this fall is to launch a blog entitled “Senior Study Hall” for high school students and photographers that will celebrate the cultures and diversity of teenagers across the United States. The blog will showcase styling trends and beauty secrets for high school students along with posts about proper etiquette, self-esteem issues and making positive life choices. I’m inspired to blog, to inspire teens across the United States to make better choices, perform well in school, and carry themselves in a manner that would make their parents proud, even when they’re not looking. Often without direction or lack of guidance, sometimes teens make poor decisions such as joining gangs, bullying others to fit in, and posting inappropriate pictures on social media resulting in negative consequences. If one blog post can inspire a teen in another state to make a better decision then I believe I have succeeded at blogging!

Blog inspiration always comes from my first love: photography. Everything around me is inspiration. To spilled milk, my children sketching out drawings on the sidewalk is chalk, or just a simple photo of a butterfly that’s landed to take a rest. My photography clients often wonder why I take so many detailed shots. It’s because to me, everything about their day with me is important. From the earrings borrowed to the tassel of their cap and gown.

Last but not least how could today’s fashion not be an inspiration to blog for teens? The Kardashians, Rihanna, and Justin Beiber tweet and show off their latest shoes and accessories on Instagram daily. Weekly blog post about fashion is a must have for “Senior Study Hall”! Inspirations for styled shots and how to dress for less are sure to be a top hit for teens and senior photographers.

The blog will be featured as a platform where photographers who capture high school seniors, can use their artistic talents and feature their quirky, fun and “outside the box” photo shoots across the United States. The teens, in essence will be able to see  themselves in an artistic fashion; hopefully realizing just how unique they really are; regardless of what anyone else thinks.

I was so excited to hear that Blog Elevated was coming to my hometown in Houston, as I begin to prepare to launch the “Senior Study Hall”. The scholarship to Blog Elevated will be just what the doctor ordered! More than anything I want to learn how to keep teens and photographers interested in the blog and through the use of Search Engine Optimization. This process creates an avenue making the blog a top hit on Google as a resource for teens and photographers. I’m super excited and can’t wait to attend! Together we can make a positive difference in the lives of our youth through the art of photography and blogging! In Houston, join me To help fund “Senior Study Hall” please visit


  1. Keda Sharber says:

    I absolutely love this idea, Tomayia! I wish you the best of success as you go higher and farther than you ever imagined. Keep dreaming big and I’ll be cheering you on as they all come true.

    Live in Love,

  2. Natarsha says:

    Congratulations! This is an awesome idea. Go Get It!

  3. So proud of you for going after your dreams and being about it and not just talking about it! I pray that you find increase and that you are able to see this vision come to pass! 100% behind you!

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