The Unboxed Project: New Orleans Edition

WOW, just about sums up The Unboxed Project New Orleans Edition!

I hosted my photography exhibition, The Unboxed Project, in New Orleans! It was so great and all of the teens and young adults in attendance left empowered and encouraged to defy the odds and make a difference in their communities! They took the pledge to not live inside of society’s box!

The response from our live stream with Jo Williams was so overwhelming that I gained potential clients and interest in bringing the exhibit to more cities!

Interested in me bringing The Unboxed Project to your city? Drop me a line and let me know!

The Unboxed Project is sponsored by my friends at WHCC, ShootProof, and 17Hats! Photos by the amazing Erika Veal!

TomayiaColvinPhotography_UnboxedNewOrleans1 TomayiaColvinPhotography_UnboxedNewOrleans2 TomayiaColvinPhotography_UnboxedNewOrleans3 TomayiaColvinPhotography_UnboxedNewOrleans5 TomayiaColvinPhotography_UnboxedNewOrleans6 TomayiaColvinPhotography_UnboxedNewOrleans7 TomayiaColvinPhotography_UnboxedNewOrleans10

unboxed project new orleans

TomayiaColvinPhotography_UnboxedNewOrleans17 TomayiaColvinPhotography_UnboxedNewOrleans18 TomayiaColvinPhotography_UnboxedNewOrleans20 TomayiaColvinPhotography_UnboxedNewOrleans37 TomayiaColvinPhotography_UnboxedNewOrleans39
TomayiaColvinPhotography_UnboxedNewOrleans44 TomayiaColvinPhotography_UnboxedNewOrleans47 TomayiaColvinPhotography_UnboxedNewOrleans48 TomayiaColvinPhotography_UnboxedNewOrleans54 TomayiaColvinPhotography_UnboxedNewOrleans56 TomayiaColvinPhotography_UnboxedNewOrleans60
TomayiaColvinPhotography_UnboxedNewOrleans62 TomayiaColvinPhotography_UnboxedNewOrleans65
TomayiaColvinPhotography_UnboxedNewOrleans69 TomayiaColvinPhotography_UnboxedNewOrleans85 TomayiaColvinPhotography_UnboxedNewOrleans88 TomayiaColvinPhotography_UnboxedNewOrleans94

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