The Unboxed Project- Houston Photography Exhibit

My heart is completely full from the amount of support received from everyone that attended and supported The Unboxed Project, my first photography exhibit, on yesterday! Words can not express my gratitude to the sponsors of the event and love shown! Over 100 people were in attendance at The Houston Studio!

Why the Unboxed Project?

Society often tries to put constraints on what beauty means, what success means, what smarts mean, and what a teenager is. The teens and young adults featured in this exhibit are living out of those boxes—and taking the world by storm.

From the participants: How are you Unboxed?


Bri (pictured above-far left): “I graduated from North Houston Early College High School. I am current a biology major at the University of Texas at Arlington. I choose a profession that many women especially women of color do not pursue. Reconstructive surgery has always fascinated me with how powerful of a science it really is. This could take me all over the world and help me live my life to the fullest potential while I’m not only helping people but doing something I love.”

Megan (pictured above-middle) “I graduated from North Houston Early College High School. I am studying Biology at Baylor University. I am inboxed in a way that I don’t allow myself to conform to the popular crowd. I do not let society’s view of the perfect woman define my personality. I do what’s best for me.”


Megan (pictured above with Tomayia) From Morgan Summer Creek High School SFASU 19′ Fashion Marketing and Merchandising I’m Very Original With The Things That I Wear As Well As Just Being Me In A Sense Growing up I’ve Never Really Fit in But I’ve Realized That I Wasn’t Made to Fit In Ive Designed some of My Own Clothing and I’ve Realized every Designer Has An Originality About themselves for Example Coco Chanel Who Came Up With The Two Piece Suits I Thought I’d Never have a Place In a World But Being Unique is What Will Make Me a Better Designer/ Model in the Future, I’ve Had Many Tell me NO and I Couldn’t or Wouldn’t do It but I’m Still Standing Stronger Than Ever!

From Tomayia: How does it feel to be “Unboxed”? You know for me, I’ve always made my own rules. I tried to conform to what society wanted me to be and it left me completely empty on the inside. I know for teens it’s so hard to be “perfect” and socially acceptable. I wanted to share with the world that the teens I photograph are not the stereotypes society often sees them as.


TC Page take a look




I’ll see you soon in Atlanta, New York, Los Angeles, New Orleans, and Washington, DC.  I’ll post more updates with exhibit information, venues, and more as the show gets closer!

Thank you to Miller’s Professional Imaging, FotoFafa, Kraft & Juft, Foot Print Fotos, She Cooked It Catering, Studio 82 Events, E. Maddison Events, The Dough Bar, Desirably Sweet Swanky Treats, Daniel T Davis Photography, Snapped by Nicole Photobooth, Elan of Addison J Photography, Kasidy’s Kloset, DJ Energizer, and everyone who sponsored the matting of a print, purchased a t-shirt, sent a general donation to help me cover the costs, and who covered me in prayer. I love you much!

Want more? Here’s the link to full video!


Photography by Daniel T. Davis Photography

Videography by Elan of Addison J Photography

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