The Unboxed Project Photography Exhibition Dallas

Everyone always says that Dallas does it big and boy did they! The Unboxed Project Dallas was held in the super chic and cute Opening Bell Coffee an artists heaven! The exposed brick and cement was a perfect place and certainly “unboxed”.


The stage highlighted the prints and was a perfect backdrop for the artist talk. It was truly inspiring to sit and discuss The Unboxed Project, the why, and encourage the youth that came to see the exhibit. I can’t wait for the next stop in Washington, D.C.!


Thank you blogger, Mitchiko 9-twentyone, for the interview about The Unboxed Project!


The Unboxed Project Photography Exhibit Dallas from Tomayia Colvin on Vimeo.

Thank you to sponsors of The Unboxed Project: WHITE HOUSE CUSTOM COLOUR, SHOOTPROOF, 17HATS, and KRAFT & JUTE!

Photography and Videography by Teshorn Jackson Photography




  1. DeeLee says:

    Lady this project is phenomenal. Great things are ahead for you.

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