Why I decided to write a Children’s Book?

Why I decided to write a Children’s Book? 

Earlier this year, I was a Co-Author in the best-selling anthology Shift-On by Nikki Woods but after my chapter was published I felt like I didn’t tell the entire story like something was missing. And it was. I wasn’t ready to be vulnerable and really share my life so I didn’t tell it. I skated right past my truths and acted like they didn’t exist. To be honest, I was afraid of what my family would say if I told the truth and how I really felt growing up. In Shift-On, I shared by upbringing and an itty bit part of my childhood but I chose not to let the audience into my life-Mya’s life.  We all have those memories from our childhood that we wish we could forget but the truth is those painful moments are what make me who I am.

Mya, the main character, in Mya’s Big Adventures is my way of giving me the life I never had. I’m retelling my story-Mya’s story somewhat from the beginning. She’s me when I was about 6-8 years old full of life, creative, beats to her own drum, and an explorer of everything.

My illustrator, Talena Howard,  has done a remarkable job creating Mya using photographs from my childhood. I can’t wait to show you more from Mya’s Big Adventures:Career Day!


The manuscript is completely done! As soon as the illustrator is finished we’ll be ready to go! To stay in the know sign up for updates on Pre-Sales, the book launch, and the party!


The first illustration.

Thank you for going on this journey with me, allowing me to be vulnerable, and finally, really deal with some of the issues of my childhood and adult life.

Publisher Katherine White of  Sunny Smiles.


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