Why leaving the classroom was the best decision I’ve ever made

Why leaving the classroom was the best decision I’ve ever made.

It’s the night before school is back in session and I’m reminded that a year and a half ago I decided to resign from my career in teaching. It was the best decision I’ve ever made. I must admit I’m a little sad and will miss decorating my classroom and meeting all of the new little faces, but I’m reminded of the two little faces that I do get to see in the morning and that’s Grace and Ivory.

Last year I missed seeing them off on their first day of school. I had taken my “dream job” as a Journalism & Photography teacher at a local high school and had to be at work 6:45a.m. I remember driving them up to the day care in the dark and leaving them in the hands of someone else, someone, not their mom to share this monumental occasion with them. She didn’t know that Grace likes to play tough but really enjoys knowing that I’m never too far behind if something goes wrong. What about Ivory? Would he be ok walking to class alone? As I pulled into the parking lot of my new “dream job” I had the WORST mom guilt ever. How could leave them on their first day? I knew something had to change and it was my career.

I lasted a good six-seven months before the walk-through, administration, and praying every night that my kids wouldn’t get sick and I had to call in (You know the “call your principal” if you’re going to be out routine) before I had had enough. I was out. Out of my mind. Out of my patience, motivation, and desire to leave my kids to come and take care of someone else’s. I resigned, packed all of my things into a box, and said my goodbyes to my students. I miss them every day. The stress not so much.

So as I listen to my kids sleep from the other room, I am reminded that I am doing what I’m supposed to: Living my life to support them and their goals and the vision that God has placed before me Every day isn’t easy, but knowing when I wake up in the morning I’m being the best mom I can be for them is and will always be worth it.

Have a great first day back!


Please forgive the grammatical mistakes. I didn’t send to my editor before posting. She’ll fix it and fuss at me in the morning.

Houston native, Tomayia Colvin is a nationally-published and award-winning senior portrait photographer providing modern senior pictures for HS seniors and teens in the Houston and Humble area. Colvin has a big interest in improving self-images of teens through photography. Tomayia is a full-time entrepreneur, the mother of two beautiful children, and best-selling author of Mya’s Big Adventures: Career Day.

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