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Buyer beware. What started out as a dream come true as an obtainable route to home ownership, has resulted in countless headaches with Dentic Container Homes in Houston, Texas.

I hired Dentic Container Homes on May 13, 2021, to complete a 40ft custom container home.

The process of building and communication was great until the middle of July.

Afterward, timelines, completion of work, and workmanship started to go downhill.

I was promised week-after-week the container home would be finished in “another 2 days”.

We are now at the 20th of September and the container home is still not complete and the owner has threatened me that If I don’t remove the negative reviews online they will not come and finish the project.

They will say “yes” that they can complete all of your requests for customizations (at a hefty price), but when it come time they will say they never said that or say no they can’t complete the request after all.

The owners of the company (Isabel & Luis) do not speak English, so communication via text message and their sales rep Misia became increasingly difficult.

The container was delivered incomplete on August 21, 2021 after a miscommunication that an electrician could install a 50 amp plug to the container home.

Previously, the owners Luis and Ingrid said they could do it, but ultimately said no (the day of installation).

When the electrician came out, the owners kicked him off their property.

The electrician ended up installing the 50 amp plug so we could get power on the side of the road and letting me know the wiring in the breaker box done by the owner Luis was not wired properly and not the best workmanship and short cuts had been taken to complete the work.

The container home is beautiful, but the final touches and completion of the project still await.

The photos you see are the painting and touch-ups and cleaning I’ve done once the container arrived at my property.

Dentic Containers Houston Container Home Builder Builder should not be used.

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