I’m Going Back to Cali to Speak at the Association For Wedding Professionals International!

You read that subject line correctly. I’m going back to Cali, and I couldn’t be more excited!

I’ve been invited to be the closing keynote speaker at The Association of Wedding Professionals International in Sacramento.

My closing keynote is entitled “The Dynamics of Diversity in the Wedding Industry”. During my presentation, I’m going to talk about:

  • Why Diversity and Inclusion Matter,
  • Why It’s Important For Your Business & Marketing,
  • And Provide Mini-Lessons on Privilege and Cultural Appropriation.

I’m beyond thrilled to give this keynote on Tuesday. Let me share with you why.

The photography industry and the wedding industry go hand-in-hand. These industries are bonded together like Twins.

However, people of color and other populations are underrepresented in these industries. From the couples to the vendors, this lack of diversity is evident.

After actively reaching out to members of the wedding and photography industry about inclusion, I was invited to give the closing keynote to help move the industry forward.

As a woman of color, it made my heart sing. For the opportunity to share our experiences with wedding vendors and other professionals at this conference.

Through this keynote, I’ll be able to open up a dialogue with them and share ways they can actively bring diversity into their business and be more inclusive.

For some of these professionals, being inclusive is just a matter of expanding their network, which is part of what I intend to help them with.

Whether it’s people of color, plus size couples, LGBTQIA, offbeat couples and everyone in between, inclusion is paramount.

This fires me up. It’s part of my passion. My keynote presentation will allow me to showcase the need for inclusion in the wedding industry. Because without diversity, it will continue to swim in a stagnant stream of sameness.

So if you’re feeling like your voice isn’t being heard in the wedding and photography industry, please know that I’m diligently working to change that.

This Tuesday at The Association of Wedding Professionals International in Sacramento, I’m going to make sure that your voices are heard.

I hope you’re as excited as I am to help move the wedding industry towards inclusion. Because our clients are as unique as we are and this should be reflected on wedding blogs and publications, marketing materials, and throughout the wedding industry.

Be sure to follow me on social media for a behind the scenes look at my keynote adventure in California on Tuesday.

Thank you for support.

Love you much,


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