Houston Lake Maternity Portraits: Will & Timia

Will and Timia have been married for four years and are excited to be expecting a baby girl in about a week! Their maternity photos on the lake in a small town outside of Houston were perfect! HoustonMaternityPhotos001

Why did you all choose the name Willow? Will had me at hello and I knew he would be my husband. When he and I talked about children and a future the name Willow Raelynn stuck because of his name William Royer.


How did you tell Will you all were expecting?! December 9th, 2014 ( a day before his birthday) he was getting ready for work and I told him I was going to get a pregnancy test because I had been running a low grade fever and friends of mine were convinced I was pregnant. We had been actively trying but stopped to give my body a break. I took the test after her left. Since I didn’t think I was pregnant I didn’t pay any mind to the test. IT LIT UP LIKE A CHRISTMAS TREE! I called him screaming at 11pm at night to tell him I was pregnant.

HoustonMaternityPhotos010 What’s the most exciting part about being Willow’s parents? The most exciting part of being Willow’s parents is the fact that we our changing our generational history. Both William and I grow up in broken homes. So to be able to give that foundation to Willow is a blessing in itself.   What does Willow’s nursery look like? Her room is Pink Tutus and of course SuperGirl (William is the biggest Superman fan I’ve ever met)   I couldn’t pray or ask for a better man to be in this partnership with! #TeamLott isn’t just a cool hashtag. It’s our way of life. When I win WE WIN. When he wins WE WIN! Period!  HoustonMaternityPhotos016


  2. Kamron Khan says:

    This is beautiful! Makes me want to get preggo again so I can do a fun maternity session. And the location is beautiful!! Not what I picture when I think of Houston.

  3. DJ Smedley says:

    Outstanding work!

  4. Suwon says:

    Your pictures are breath taking Tamia and Wil……Congratulations again on your new Blessing on it’s way to Touchdown.

  5. Phil says:

    OMG. A maternity photographer is exactly who I should have hired to capture me when I was pregnant with my girls! Houston is lucky to have you. Almost makes me want to have another one! 🙂

  6. Natarsha says:

    Beautiful work, Tomayia. I especially loved the one on the pier. The location looks so peaceful.

  7. N'neka says:

    Beautiful! I love the idea of maternity portraits in a natural setting. And I really like how these photos show the emotion of the couple and how much they love their baby already.

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