7 Ways to Plan for your Houston Business Photo Shoot

You are in business and your images should represent you in a professional light. This is the perfect time to book a photographer to bring your Houston business photoshoot and mages to life. As you begin on this venture, there are 7 ways to plan for your business photo shoot. When thinking of photos, these days, most begin with selfies or a friend or family member who takes candid or still shots of you with your iPhone. Don’t get me wrong, there are some versions of iPhones and Androids that take clear and precise pictures. However, they do not compare to photos taken by a professional with a high-quality camera.

These 7 ways to plan your Houston business photo shoot will create the ultimate brand experience:

1). What is the purpose of your photoshoot? Understanding the purpose of your photoshoot and the images you want will give a clearer vision of the outcome of your shoot. Will you use them for your website, media kit or social media platform? Those are just a few ways to use your images. To help you through this process, you can obtain a deeper passion for your goal to have captivating pictures. Do you want your photoshoot to have a more professional feel throughout, do you want some parts to be fun and candid, headshots, or lifestyle? You should have that decided for reference. We are here to guide you and have created a questionnaire to help you answer brand related questions. We often ask about your marketing calendar in order for you to have photos that you can use online.

2). Location, Location, Location! Now that you’ve chosen the purpose of the photoshoot, think through the types of image shots and where taking your pictures you feel will embody your brand. Will you use images in your place of business, at an outside location like for example downtown Houston, with or without props? If you are coming up short on ideas, it may help to use platforms such as Pinterest for inspiration. Also review your favorite brands online. Write down some words on how they make you feel and look at what attracts you about the locations they are photographing at.

 4) Believe it or not, outfits can make or break the perception of your brand. Think about this, although it is a business, branding, professional photo shoot, you might want to have a few fun images with a sprinkle of classy! It can be with you in outfits that are colorful, comfortable and ones that exude connectability, professionalism, and friendliness. Having at least two fun outfits will offer your relatable side.

3). Who’s your professional photographer? Choosing your photographer will be key. Do your research either on Google or even Instagram and find a local Houston photographer that you can relate to. Ideally, your photographer should do a pre-session consultation to discuss your vision of the photo session. There should be decisions made and questions answered as it pertains to the photographer’s experience with the type of business shots you dream of. One of the most important questions that you may need to ask is if the photographer is savvy when it comes to the types of photos, editing photos of those with melanated skin tones, and in the location(s) you are requesting or even if they use props.

5). Make sure your props are chosen and ready. Props add such life to images. They help with the imagery of the location and subject of the photos. Certain props give each image a specific ambiance and purpose. Decide which props will enhance your photos and how they will be revealed.

6). Team preparation is everything! Pull in your team or people who will help you with your photoshoot. One main strategy is for you to set the expectation for each person on the team, for instance, sync calendars and even more important, possibly set up a Group Me link so that when there is communication, everyone will be and stay in the loop of all confirmations and any changes. Reconfirm with your photographer just to make sure that what you desire in your images will be accessible on site. Double check about the time and location. If you are having your photo session outside, make sure there is an alternative plan if the weather isn’t pleasant.  Some photographers are prepared to continue to shoot in light rain if the client enjoys a few images in the drizzle.

7). The day has arrived! Preparation time! Lay out your outfits, complete your personal hygiene, hair brings you life, props are packed, and a check-in with your team to make sure everyone is ready for this special day for your session. As a business owner, you may or may not be the only face of your company. You may also have a team who helps the operations of your business flourish. If they are joining you in the photos or are a part of the prep team for your shoot, there will need to be cohesive communication and execution in order to make sure the day of the photoshoot goes smoothly.

Just think, you have it all together!

Having these tips in mind will ease the process of being the center of your business photoshoot. Remember, keep an open mind because life happens. Once being able to use these tips and hopefully making a good connection with your photographer, you’ll be able to book their business again. We, at Tomayia Colvin Photography, are ready to help your Houston business! We will take your images to the next level. Contact us to schedule your next business photoshoot!

At Tomayia Colvin Photography we understand how important it is to have images to grow and sustain your business.

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