Houston Family Photographer- Tomayia’s Holiday Photos

The little people and I got together for our holiday pictures!

I can’t remember the last time we were photographed because I was worried about having a flat tummy and losing 10 pounds. Well, we did it! We got all fancied up and were photographed!

Thanks Beth for snapping photos of all three of us, Grace for taking pictures of Ivory & I, and Ivory for taking pictures of Grace and I.

We had a grand time!

Mommy’s make up by Kolour Theory Artistry and Hair by Touch of Heaven Salon. TomayiaColvinHolidayPortraits20171 TomayiaColvinHolidayPortraits20172 TomayiaColvinHolidayPortraits20173 TomayiaColvinHolidayPortraits20174 TomayiaColvinHolidayPortraits20175 TomayiaColvinHolidayPortraits20176 TomayiaColvinHolidayPortraits20177 TomayiaColvinHolidayPortraits20178 TomayiaColvinHolidayPortraits20179 TomayiaColvinHolidayPortraits201710 TomayiaColvinHolidayPortraits201711 TomayiaColvinHolidayPortraits201712 TomayiaColvinHolidayPortraits201713 TomayiaColvinHolidayPortraits201714 TomayiaColvinHolidayPortraits201715 TomayiaColvinHolidayPortraits201716 TomayiaColvinHolidayPortraits201717 TomayiaColvinHolidayPortraits201718 TomayiaColvinHolidayPortraits201719 TomayiaColvinHolidayPortraits201720 TomayiaColvinHolidayPortraits201721 TomayiaColvinHolidayPortraits201722 TomayiaColvinHolidayPortraits201723 TomayiaColvinHolidayPortraits201724 TomayiaColvinHolidayPortraits201725 TomayiaColvinHolidayPortraits201726

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