What’s in my Camera Bag for WPPI 2018!

Next week, I’m headed to WPPI for the 3rd year in a row. I’ve been invited to be an instructor again. And I’m SO excited.

Black Panther premiere excited? Let’s call it a tie.

I’ll be leading another high school senior photography Photo Walk on the Vegas Strip. As usual, it will not disappoint.

I know that planning for destination trips can be a pain. It can be somewhat limiting on equipment and props to bring, so I wanted to let you know how I’m rolling to Vegas!

Here’s what’s inside of my Jude Camera Bag from Kelly Moore:



Sony A7RII

Sony 50 1.8

Sony 85 1.8 (my personal fave)

Sony 20-12

Godox AD200

Godox Thinklite TT350S

Godox S1 Trigger  

S Bracket

Westcott 40” 5-in-1 Reflector (personal fave)

I’m working on getting a portable light stand 




Tylenol or Motrin

Elderberry & Vitamin C for immune boosting

Think Tank Battery Holder

Rechargeable Batteries

MAC Viva Glam Taraji P. Henson for a quick touch up on the go!

Click here for a link to all of the items! 

The Airline:

When I’m traveling for conferences, I always fly Southwest. The two free bags are a lifesaver.

My General Rule of Thumb:

My camera equipment stays on my person. Everything else is checked.

My carry on with my camera equipment ALWAYS goes on the plane WITH me. I don’t want my equipment damaged or stolen. If there’s ever an issue, I take the insert out of the Kelly Moore Jute Bag and walk on the plane without the bag/luggage.

I’d rather have to buy new clothes versus new equipment when traveling, especially for destination assignments.

No equipment. No job. No money.

How I Pack My Bags:


Bag One-

WHCC Samples & Course Handouts

Business Cards

Dresses & Makeup



Bag Two-

Super comfortable walking shoes

A pair of heels

A going-out dress


Photography graphic tees

A jacket (in case it’s cold at night)

Hand sanitizer (If you haven’t heard – handwashing is your friend in Vegas.)

Cough Drops or Mints

Clorox Wipes

Water Bottle for Hydration

If you see please stop and say hi! I love meeting new friends and giving hugs!



Tomayia has been photographing high school seniors and weddings for five years and has been a classroom teacher for over ten years. In addition, she’s been an educator at WPPI, Imaging USA, United hosted by Showit, and a host of others.

Tomayia has been featured in articles in Professional Photography Magazine, Rangefinder Magazine, ShootProof, Black Enterprise, local newspapers, and radio stations across the Houston area.

Tomayia is the author of two best-selling children’s books, Mya’s Big Adventures: Career Day and The Adventure of Jaxon Maxwell: Jaxon Saves Christmas. She is also the founder of Tomayia Colvin Education, an online photography community created to empower photographers of color, the LGBTQ+ community,  and be a safe haven for inclusion and diversity.

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