Madera Estates Wedding Photos of Josie & John

Formal Photos: Couples always ask me how much time do you really need for formal photos. LOL.  I always say “Enough time to capture the love between you and your mate but, usually 60-75 minutes is perfect to get the formal photos of the family and those intimate moments of the newlyweds”. Josie and John knew that they wanted to take advantage of the sunlight and show off their picture-perfect venue Madera Estates Wedding & Events nestled in the woods in Conroe, Texas just outside of The Woodlands. They scheduled their wedding at 4pm and planned 60-75 minutes for their “Cocktail Hour” allowing them to enough time to really shine on camera and not keep their guests waiting too long for their grand entrance!

It was perfect! During your wedding consultation with me, we’ll discuss your timeline in detail and make sure your love story is “Happily After After”! Take a peek at a few of the photos captured during their Formal Photos!

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Here’s an example Wedding Day Timeline created especially for TCP Couples!



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