The Unboxed Project™ is Tomayia Colvin’s first solo photography exhibit, which celebrates teens and young adults who redefine the in-crowd — and show a different side of teenage life.

Featuring the faces of 25 everyday seniors, both 2014-15 high school grads and college seniors, this one-day show was created to move the spotlight off negative ideas of teen lives and dreams — and firmly onto the teens I know: people with giving spirits and amazing talent, who always push to be more.

The exhibit has toured Houston, Dallas, and  Atlanta with plans to visit New Orleans, Las Vegas, Nevada, Washington, D.C., and New York. 


What excites me about Tomayia Colvin's Unboxed Project was the idea that it wanted to show these teenagers and young adults as the 

smart, happy, and talented 

Everyone always says that Dallas does it big and boy did they! The Unboxed Project Dallas was held in the super chic and cute OPENING BELL COFFEE an artists heaven! The exposed brick and cement was a perfect place and certainly “unboxed”. The stage highlighted the prints and was a perfect backdrop for the artist talk. It was truly inspiring to sit and discuss The Unboxed Project, the why, and encourage the youth that came to see the exhibit. I can’t wait for the next stop in Washington, D.C.!

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The Unboxed Project Dallas, Texas


The second stop on The Unboxed Project tour was the great city of Atlanta on Sunday, October 27 at the magnificent Blue Mark Studios! The room was filled with portrait photographers, art enthusiasts, parents, and 5 teens that are a part of the photography exhibit. Getting a chance to pour into teens across the United States is everything I could have dreamed of and more. 

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My heart is completely full from the amount of support received from everyone that attended and supported The Unboxed Project, my first photography exhibit, on yesterday! Words can not express my gratitude to the sponsors of the event and love shown! Over 100 people were in attendance at The Houston Studio!

Why the Unboxed Project?
Society often tries to put constraints on what beauty means, what success means, what smarts mean, and what a teenager is. The teens and young adults featured in this exhibit are living out of those boxes—and taking the world by storm.

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– tomayia colvin


where is the next show? 

Las Vegas, Nevada 
New Orleans, Louisiana 
Washington, D.C. 
New York, NY 

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