[Event Recap Release] Houston Photographer empowers Dallas youth and the community with The Unboxed Project Photography Exhibition

Houston Photographer empowers Dallas youth and the community with The Unboxed Project Photography Exhibition

Dallas,Texas- On November 22, 2015, The Unboxed Project Photography Exhibition, presented by Houston photographer, Tomayia Colvin encouraged teens attendees to make positive life decisions and parents, community leaders, and portrait photographers attendees to support and inspire teens and young adults to see teens themselves differently than the negative stereotypes portrayed in the media.

“It is imperative to me to give a voice to the voiceless teens that deserve to have a positive light shine upon them,” said Tomayia Colvin. “It’s time to stop the negativity and spotlight  teens and young adults that are defying the odds and making their dreams come true!”

“The Unboxed Project” is a photography exhibition containing a huge range of high school senior and college graduation portrait photography. The one-day exhibition featured the faces of 25 everyday high school seniors, both 2014-15 high school grads and college seniors, the one-day show was created to move the spotlight off negative ideas of teen lives and dreams—and firmly onto the teens that she knows and loves. Colvin says, “They are smart, talented and unboxed.” Although it focuses on what it is to be young, the theme is universal, and the content is sure sparked interest for all visitors, young and old. Colvin also added, “The teens and young adults featured in this exhibit are living out of the boxes placed by society- and taking the world by storm.”

During the event, Colvin gave an emotional artist talk thanking sponsors White House Custom Colour (WHCC), ShootProof, Kraft & Jute, and 17Hats for their support and parents of the teens featured in the exhibit for their commitment to their children’s future.

Celebrity stylist J. Bolin who styled Colvin for the event said “What excites me about Tomayia Colvin’s Unboxed Project was the idea that it wanted to show these teenagers and young adults as the smart, happy, and talented individuals that they truly are. It is more than just a photo shoot for these young adults, but an opportunity for Colvin to bring out their inner beauty. It’s important to be fabulous inside and out!”

Click Here For Event Photos and the highlight video from the exhibition.

This exhibit will also visit, Washington, DC, New York, and New Orleans.

About Tomayia Colvin:

Houston native, Tomayia Colvin is a nationally-published and award-winning senior portrait photographer providing modern senior pictures for HS seniors and teens in the Houston and Humble area. Colvin has a big interest in improving self-images of teens through photography. Tomayia is a full-time entrepreneur and the mother of two beautiful children.


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