Senior Summer Soiree {Houston Senior Portrait Photographer}

What a great time I had yesterday mixing and mingling with the Class of 2014 Houston Senior students at Remix Fashion! I got a chance to give the girls a make up tutorial on achieving the perfect brow and the young men the importance of staying hydrated and keeping a bit Carmex around this fall to avoid dry lips and skin. Sheridan, the owner of Remix Fashion, showed the girls a few trends for the fall and how to be cute but appropriate for school! I must say I learned a thing or two myself! The students had an absolute blast and I was so happy to meet some of my amazing Instagram followers! Some even took it amongst themselves to have a mini photo shoot outside! Be on the look out for Fall Cool Down Mixer!


  1. Stacci says:

    <3, Love, Love it!! Congrats Soror!! Keep pushing!!

  2. We enjoyed the entire experience from prep to finish. Too bad my Babygirl won’t be a Senior this time next year, I would do it all over again w TCP!

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